Two Good Poops and a Bath

Well today was a good day for poop! It seems Nora’s system is getting back on track after being back on the 20 calorie formula for a few days. Hopefully she’ll be going back to getting a bottle or two a day soon.

We can’t wait to get her home. Nora’s getting stronger and more curious every day. She loves to look at what is above and tries to look at what’s behind her. She loves to get baths and have her hair washed.

Here are a couple pictures of bath time and snuggling with mommy, which Nora and mommy really love! :)



4 Responses to “Two Good Poops and a Bath”

  1. McGrath Says:

    Sarah and Montana you are teaching this Princess the Good Life…
    What a wonderful way for Nora to spend her day; 2 poops a bath and a snuggle!

    You are all looking so good, and we are super proud of the 3 of you!

    Love Always~Nancy & Jake

  2. Grammother Says:

    This is such a fantastic photo!
    She sure loves her Mommy :)

  3. Aunt Jenn Says:

    Cute, cute, cute!!!

    Little Nora sure has eyes for her mommy! :)

  4. Uncle Chad Says:

    The picture of Sarah and Nora is priceless…how very sweet. We remember when our little princess used to look at us like that….they grow up so fast.

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