Happy Birthday Grammother!

Our Little Princess put on her tierra and had a little party for her Grammothers birthday tonight!

Nora says “Happy Birthday Grammother! Sorry your not feeling good but we will celebrate your birthday together soon and don’t forget birthdays last all month long :) !!”

We ALL Love You Lots!


3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Grammother!”

  1. Grammother Says:

    OH MY!

    What heart joy this photo brought my way!.
    Thank you for the celebration. Sorry i didn’t get to attend. But the picture is just priceless!
    Thank you so much, for brighting my day in such a special way.
    And as always …..thank you for being such marvelous,loving hearted ones. You ALL are special a blessing that gifts my heart everyday!

    Life is certainly sweeter being loved by you :)
    Thank you so much!

  2. Aunt Jenn Says:

    What a beautiful princess!!

    hugs and kisses from Aunt Jenn, Uncle Chad & Marin

  3. Uncle Chad Says:

    aww…what an ADORABLE picture…I LOVE IT!!!

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