Hats off to Dr. Patterson and the TMH NICU Nurses!

We meant to make this post almost two weeks ago when Nora first came home from the NICU but it took us a bit to get our pics organized and as you all know we’ve been a little busy. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to the great Dr. Patterson and all of the wonderful NICU nurses. Having Nora in the Newborn ICU for the first six and a half weeks of her life wasn’t fun but knowing that she was cared for by such wonderful people made it easier to deal with. We didn’t get pictures of all of the nurses but here are a few. From left to right we have Dr. Patterson, Jill, Ashley, Petrea, Beverly, Alicia, Stacey and Mary, and Amber. (please forgive us if we spelled any of your names wrong) Nora has made more nice nurse friends in the PICU but still misses her NICU buddies. Once we get her home again we wont want to see the inside of the hospital for a while but we still promise to bring her back at some point for a visit. :)




2 Responses to “Hats off to Dr. Patterson and the TMH NICU Nurses!”

  1. Jen K. Says:

    I am so glade that I finally got to meet sweet, sweet little Nora (sweetest thing I ever seen) and I am happy to hear that she will be going home soon. Also along with Sarah and Montana I would like to thank all the nurses (and Dr.) that have taken care of Nora. Your positive attitudes and love for their little monkey have really help Sarah and Montana (and Nora) a great deal. You are wonderful, loving, caring people and please know that you have helped to enrich the lives of three very special and wonderful people (who will never forget you). I know that someday you all will be repaid for the kindness you have shown this family in 10 fold.

    Jen Kinsey

  2. Tonyonna Says:

    My daughter was born with gastrostesis and now she has to go back to surgery to get some of her bowels removed because they were dead and setting up an infection in her stomach so now she will have short guts. i was wondering how long was nora in the hospital. n what other problems did she have to indure before she was discharged.

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