1 Step Closer to Home Again

Just a quick update that Nora is still doing great, no sign of bacteria in her blood, and so she got her IV Port today :)

The great Dr. Crooms did the surgery this morning and everything went well. We expected her to get a BROVIAC due to her small size but Dr. Crooms found a Port that was small enough to fit in her. This is great because it will have less chance of infection, be much easier to manage and will allow her to get wet! We will still need to be very careful with her because it is still a central line and since it is under the skin it will be a bigger issue if it gets infected than the PICC line. The good sides of it outweigh the bad though so we are excited to have it done. We expect to get her back home either Tuesday or Wednesday and get back to life at home with out little girl :)

3 Responses to “1 Step Closer to Home Again”

  1. Dustin, aka: Dunkey Says:

    Excellent, excellent news!

  2. Aunt Brenda Says:

    Terrific news on the surgery yesterday! Mollie, daughter of our friend Kathleen in Milwaukee had a port for years and it worked great. Hope you guys are getting some sleep!!! Very important :)
    Hugs & kisses to all-

  3. Ian Says:

    BIIIG sigh of relief on my part. prayers answered yet again.

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