Dr. Crooms Is Our Hero!

This thank you post is LONG over due. We wanted to wait until we had a picture of Nora with Dr. Crooms to make a post and we finally got one earlier this week when her put in her gastrostomy button. Dr. Crooms is the surgeon that saved Nora’s life, literally, if it were not for him Nora would not be here today. Not only is he a wonderful surgeon but also he is a very sweet and compassionate man. We will forever be indebted to Dr. Crooms for giving us our sweet little girl a chance to show us all how strong she is. We cannot thank him enough. In addition to preforming Nora’s life saving surgery and putting in Nora’s button, Dr. Crooms is also the doctor who put in her new IV port. Nora is the smallest and youngest patient that Dr. Crooms had ever implanted a port in. His EXCELLENT nurse, Kristy (who’s in the picture with him) said that it was like “threading a catheter through a strand of hair”. Dr. Crooms is one amazing surgeon and one magnificent person. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Dr. Crooms!


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  1. Anna Matthews Says:

    Hey! I just wanted to say how thankful we are too for the amazing talent and help that you all have received. And how we love to get updates about our little cousin, Nora.

    Olivia also enjoys seeing Nora’s pictures and tells me how much she loves her Nora and can’t wait to kiss and hug her.

    We love you guys!!
    Anna, Caleb, Olivia and Lucas

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