Healthily Hopping Along


Hello Everyone! We are very happy to give a Nora update to report that the blood in her stool has disappeared all together. She has had blood free poops since Saturday and we are hoping to continue on this healthy poop path.

When we weighed her on Monday she weighed 10 lbs 7oz, gaining almost a half a pound in just one week – yay! We have been increasing her bottle feedings and she is now up to three bottles a day in between G-tube feedings and she is tolerating the bottles very well. Hopefully she will continue to tolerate more bottle feedings and we can use the feeding tube less and less.

Also more good news. It looks like the Omegaven is FINALLY going to work out. It will probably be another week before we have it in our hands but we are starting to smell fish :)

3 Responses to “Healthily Hopping Along”

  1. Aunt Jenn Says:

    Woohoo – Bring on the Omegaven!!

  2. Ian Says:


    big ups.

  3. Anita Says:

    Woo-Hoo!!!! I am so happy to hear the good news! She is a champion! Give her and yourselves big hugs and kisses! We think of you all the time.

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