#1 Short Bowel SURVIVOR!


Well we had been slowly introducing more bottles by mouth and less feeds through her feeding tube and today makes day 5 of ALL bottles by mouth! We didnt hook her up to the feeding tube once in the past 5 days!!! I even took the pump off the pole and put it away :)

This is a huge step for Nora and so far she seems to be tolerating the bottles like a champ. Her poops are great and she LOVES to eat. Her poops are so good in fact that Sarah took a picture of one but I will spare everyone that image…….sometimes I wonder about that girl :)

We take Nora back to Shands this week for her monthly checkup and plan on discussing increasing the amount of formula she gets or the calorie level since she seems to be doing so well with the feeding by mouth. My gut feeling is she will be able to eat a good amount more before having trouble and so maybe we can even decrease her TPN a bit which is the ultimate goal. Might be hopeful thinking but she is doing great!

I think the Omegaven ordering process is going to be worked out this week and so hopefully we will have her started on it by the weekend. Her bilirubin has continued to bounce around a bit but it is up some so we would really like to get her started before it starts becoming a real issue. All this red tape and waiting is making daddy crazy!

Also I noticed that Google (the king of the search engines, and daddy’s income machine) is now fittingly ranking Nora as the #1 “Short Bowel Survivor” … man Google is smart!!

3 Responses to “#1 Short Bowel SURVIVOR!”

  1. Aunt Jenn Says:

    Yeah! That is amazing news! What a great little bottle drinking baby! Nora looks happy and beautiful, as always, in her pretty little dress with her colorful toys surrounding her!
    Hugs and kisses to you all!

  2. Ian Says:

    i didn’t read the whole thing so i don’t know if there was any mention of omegaven, but i thought this was interesting…

  3. Aunt Jenn Says:

    The omega-3 article Ian posted is interesting…it makes me think I should start popping a fish pill instead of Advil after reading about it’s anti-inflammatory effects that help back and knee pain!

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