Happy 3 Month Birthday Nora!!


Today was Nora’s 3 month birthday and it was a great day! We celebrated by taking Nora for a walk around Lake Ella and fed the ducks. She pretty much slept during the stroller ride but watched the little duckies intently when we fed them bread crumbs.

We’ve come so far when you think back where we were 3 months ago today. We are so thankful for the progress she has made, we couldn’t have hoped for better. Today is Nora’s 9th day on all bottles and she’s still doing wonderfully! She’s been getting one bottle a day of higher calorie formula and is tolerating it well. She’s been on 20 calorie Elecare since she was discharged from the NICU on 6/12/07. So now she’s getting one bottle of 22 calorie a day and we hope to move her up to all 22 calorie bottles soon, very slowly of course.

We were supposed to have our monthly visit to Shands today but they rescheduled us for next Friday because the Peds GI doctors are moving offices today. We gladly rescheduled and enjoyed celebrating Nora’s 3 month birthday with the ducks and our good ol’ dog Bubba instead of at the doctor’s office. :)



Sorry the picture gallery hasn’t been updated lately. The web site server has been acting up and wont allow us to ad pics to the gallery at the moment but Montana’s working on fixing it. As soon as it’s fixed we’ll upload lots of new pictures of our cute little sweetie pie.

7 Responses to “Happy 3 Month Birthday Nora!!”

  1. Alissa Says:

    What a great celebration! I am SO excited for you guys… I’m guessing before too long Lake Ella will be one of Nora’s favorite places!
    p.s. I love her sunglasses!!

  2. Owen Says:

    Happy month-birthday, Nora. Looking forward to seeing you and your P’s come Friday. Something special to give you. Owen

  3. Aunt Jenn Says:

    I’ts great to see that you guys had a fun family outing! Even Bubba got to join in the fun! I’m sure there will be even more fun times ahead once the Omegavan gets rolling! We are so glad Nora is doing so wonderfully with her bottles – she keeps amazing all of us!

  4. Uncle Chad Says:

    Wow…you guys are so blessed. That update makes me want to cry…I will not say anything more as I don’t want to be a jinx like cousin Oliver on the Brady’s. ;)

    Here’s wishing you guys ALL THE BEST!!!

  5. Christianna Says:

    How great that you all went to the lake..much better than Shands.

  6. Bean Says:

    man, this is all so so good to hear. i kow you two much both be so so happy. i’ll be in town this weekend so i hope to be able to stop by and see you and little miss nora! Tell nora happy 3 month birthday from uncle bean…you guys be good, lots of love from the west coast….

  7. Erica Says:

    Did your insurance pay for the omegavan?

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