2 Steps Back

Well Nora is back in the hospital again :(

Nora came down with a fever yesterday that  quickly spiked to 103 so she was admitted back into intensive care. The big worry is whether she has a line infection or not. If she has one it is possible they will have to remove the port, treat her until the infection is gone and then put it back in on the other side of her chest. Total nightmare! So far though none of her cultures have shown anything and so we are hoping it is just a virus and not a blood infection. She needs to go 48 hours without growing anything for us to feel pretty secure it is in fact viral. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

The second bad news (that has me really, really pissed) is we have hit another roadblock with the Omegaven. We now must wait for the FDA to give her a final approval number (although she has already been approved for the IND!!!!!) which can take up to 30 days more. My goal today is to find the person at the FDA who can approve this and get her approved ASAP. We will NOT be waiting another 30 days just because of some more stupid red tape. Once we have this number from the FDA we can get the Omegaven here within 24 hours.

What is wrong with our healthcare system??? Maybe we should all move to Canada or Europe or something…………..

3 Responses to “2 Steps Back”

  1. Ian Says:

    lame, dude. but no matter how many prayers you need, i’ve got an unlimited supply.

    what is wrong with our healthcare system? well to make a long story short, we deregulated it and turned it over to Big Pharma. so now we have drug commericals with higher production values than some hollywood movies, and OTC cold pills for $25 a box. and anybody who tries to point out how screwed up it is (*cough* michael moore *cough*) gets attacked by the corporate media. it sounds trite, but write your congressman. he’s all you’ve got left.

  2. Uncle Chad Says:

    Ian stole my thunder…but the bad part is that Big Pharma tries to lobby your congressman and tell him/her that there really is no healthcare issue/crisis.

    A buddy of mine had a heart attack, yes heart attack in Hungary and was in the hospital for almost a month and his TOTAL cost was around $80….complete.

    You guys ought to look at having your governor get involved…he’s right there in your own backyard. Certainly somebody at BMO has connections with them and Sarah/Dana used to work there….work that angle!!!!

  3. montana Says:

    Yea the plan is to get our congressman to get in touch with the FDA if things do not work out Monday. Uncle Bruce knows him and the word is that he can get things done.

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