Omegaven is almost in our grasp!


Well we really should be getting Omegaven by next week. (how many times have we said that?!) But this time it has to be true, we can’t imagine any other possible obstacle. After finally getting everything straightened out with the FDA our home health care is now in the process of ordering Omegaven. They and we thought that we would have it in 24-48 hours until this morning it was realized that our home health care company doesn’t have an account with the courier company that has to be used to deliver the Omegaven in order for it not to get held up in customs for 1-2 weeks. It takes 3-4 business days to set up an account with this company (why would it take that long to set up an account, I don’t know…..) and then it should be here soon after wards. We are very anxious to get Nora on the Omegaven as her Bilirubin is now up to 9.3. :(

Nora got her new button put in yesterday so no more nipple tummy, yay! In order for her small intestine not to suck down the g-tube catheter balloon we had to anchor the g-tube to her tummy with a bottle nipple. This made dressing her quite a dilemma, we had to sacrifice a few onesies by cutting holes in them so they could fit over the nipple. Nora’s poor tummy went through a lot these past few days. In addition to her stomach lining being irritated by the g-tube issues, the heavy duty anti-biotics they had her on in the hospital made her have bloody poop again. She hasn’t had a bloody stool since this morning so hopefully it is clearing up and she’ll be back to having thick, healthy poops in no time!

Nora went to her local pediatrician today for a follow up from the hospital stay. While she was there they took her weight and measurements and Dr. Dalrymple was very pleased with her growth! She’s right on track for her age with her weight at a nice and plump 11 lbs. 5 oz. and above average length at 23 1/2 inches long. She’s grown 5 inches since she was born! Since the doctors expected for Nora to have nutritional issues her growth is quite impressive, that’s our Super Nora!

We still can’t post new pics in the photo gallery so here are a few recent ones for your enjoyment. :)


5 Responses to “Omegaven is almost in our grasp!”

  1. Aunt Jenn Says:

    Love, love, love the smiley pics!! I LOVE the polka dotted sunglasses – she could not be any cuter! Nora totally has her mommy’s pouty mouth!
    Glad to hear Nora is growing right on schedule even though we already knew she was above average in everything, not just her length! :)

    hugs and kisses!

  2. Emily Brown RN American Home Patient Says:

    What a beautiful little girl! She is one amazing child. Nora has touched every one in Infusion. We are all rooting for her to make great strides! GO NORA!!!!!!!!!
    It’s obvious Nora has great parents too.
    Love, The Infusion nurses.

  3. Uncle Chad Says:

    very, very cute pics….

  4. Ashley Fulford RN Says:

    I can’t help but just smile when I see these adorable pics. I just wanna hug hug hug on my sunshine! Glad to hear that the Omegaven is on its way and that she got her new button! She is one lucky girl to have parents who go such challenging distances as you have. God bless you both. And you know what I am going to say…take some time for yourselves when you get a chance =). Have a great week.

  5. 'aunt' geri Says:

    Loved the newest pics. Can’t decided which one I like the best. Oh yes I can, the one on my desk! Thanks for sharing.

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