Oh Happy Day!!

Nora started on Omegaven today, YAY, YAY, YAY!!!! It’s been a long time coming and the culmination of work and persistence from a lot of people so today is a very happy day. Many thanks to Dr. Patterson, TMH Board of Directors, CHP, American Home Patient, and of course Dr. Puder and the Boston Childrens team!

Nora will be in the hospital for the first 48 hours to make sure that she doesn’t have any adverse reactions to the Omegaven. In our previous trips to the hospital it’s been worrisome, stressful and exhausting, but this time it’s exciting, happy and celebratory! We are very hopeful that Nora will have the same great results that many other children on TPN have had after starting Omegaven. Connor, one of the other short gut kids, who recently started Omegaven has seen amazing results. His Bilirubin is now at 0.6!! Way to go Connor!!

More great news to report is that Nora is in her 3rd week of all bottle feeding and now she is up to 22 calorie formula full time. She’s eating about 50 ml every 2-3 hours. Even though that’s not enough to meet her nutritional needs it’s still far more than anyone ever expected for her to be able to handle. She’s one tough cookie! She’s continuing to gain weight and is now up to 11 lbs 14 oz.

Here are some pictures of Nora beside her first bottle of Omegaven clinging to her IV pole as if to say…….

“I can’t believe its really finally here and I’m not letting go!!!”


5 Responses to “Oh Happy Day!!”

  1. Alissa Says:

    YAY!!! How exciting… to say the least! :) I hate that I was out of town when everyone met Nora Saturday, so I would love to get together once ya’ll are settled in back home. I’m excited to see what more miraculous things are in store for your little sweetie now that she’s on the omegaven! Take care!

  2. Aunt Jenn Says:

    YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! :)
    It was great to talk to you last night!
    Lots of love to all three of you!

  3. Connor Maruska Says:

    Way to go! I am so excited for my fellow Omegaven buddy! All of us here in Arizona are so excited for you!

  4. Aunt Brenda Says:

    I love the picture! But mostly I love her :)
    It’s a happy day!

  5. Ian Says:

    incredible news. i sure am glad you guys found out about omegaven in time for it to make the most difference.

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