Happy 4 Month Birthday Nora!!!

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Yesterday was Nora’s 4 month birthday. She enjoyed the day by taking lots of naps and a little b-day celebration with mommy, daddy and our good ol’ dog Bubba.


Yesterday was also Nora’s weekly day for blood work and to our very pleasant surprise her Bilirubin is already going back down. It was 8.9 compared to being 10.7 last week. We knew to expect a spike in her numbers when first starting Omegaven so hopefully 10.7 will be the highest it will go. Tomorrow will be a full 2 weeks on Omegaven for Nora. Only time will tell how well it will work for her but it definitely seems to be leading her in the right direction. She continues to pinken up by the day and the whites of her eyes are looking less and less yellow.


She continues to amaze us everyday with her strength and ability to overcome every obstacle that comes her way. She’s such a delight and fills our hearts with so much love and happiness. I know I said this on her 3 month birthday but to think back where we were 4 months ago seems like a whole world away. We are truly blessed to have such a special little darling. That’s our Super Nora! :)


9 Responses to “Happy 4 Month Birthday Nora!!!”

  1. christianna Says:

    Way to go little Nora! She’s looking wonderful you two, can’t wait to get some snuggle time in sooon.

  2. Erin Maruska Says:

    Happy 4 month birthday!

  3. Aunt Jenn Says:

    Hip Hip Hooray for Super Nora! Here’s wishing to see a paler, less yellow Nora over the next 4 months! :)

  4. Beverly Says:

    Just look at ‘our’ little pumpkin now. She’s turning into a rose (pink). She is an amazing girl! And of course that is, in part, due to her amazing mom & dad. Ya’ll have been awesome.
    I took care of a baby in room 257 recently and although I’m glad Nora is at home with you, I must admit I missed her. Lots of memories there.
    Please give her hugs and kisses from me and all of her NICU pals. We have her picture in the break room so we can look at that precious face often.

  5. Alicia (Secretary- NICU) Says:

    Oh my goodness! I can’t believe she’s already 4 months old! She looks great and SO happy!!! :) She’s missed here in the NICU and we check the website often! Well, keep up the good work guys! You are amazing parents!!! Oh yeah- and the picture of her and the dog is TOO CUTE!
    Love, Alicia

  6. Uncle Chad Says:

    Hopefully the good news and vibes will keep coming. Makes you want to listen to ‘I Believe In Miracles’ by the Ramones, eh?

  7. Amy Pavona Says:

    Happy Birthday Nora!! Lots of love from Kentucky.

  8. Brenda Remke Says:

    Happy Birthday Nora!! You guys are fantastic!! Nora looks so beautiful and so happy. You have been blessed and she has been blessed with the most awesome parents. We’re cheering for you guys and can’t wait to hear more great news. Keep fighting the good fight.

  9. Emily Brown Says:

    Happy 4 month Birthday to the little sweetie! She is an amazing little girl, and so beautiful. I can already tell she is pinking up. I am so thrilled about the good news you got from Dr. Puder about Nora’s TPN. When you told me you had pumped and saved the milk for Nora, I thought wow, what a great mom to take the time & energy to do that after all that you guys have been through. Nora has great parents. Can’t wait to meet her. Hope you all have a happy weekend.

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