It Works!!


Well we are very happy to share Nora’s bilirubin number for the week…..drum roll please…….6.8 down from 9.0 last week and 10.7 the week before! It hasn’t been that low since the beginning of July!! We were expecting a lower number this week because of the obvious whitening in her eyes and skin but that much of a drop in one week wasn’t expected. Hooray for Omegaven and Dr. Puder for discovering it’s amazing healing power! We hope next week she is even lower.

More good news to share is Nora’s weight gain. She now weighs 12lbs. 7oz. We were starting to worry because she held tight at 11lbs 15ozs for a couple of weeks so we were very pleased to see her new weight. Since she is doing so well we will begin dropping hours on TPN tomorrow!

Our biggest concern for the moment is a fine, red rash that developed last week on Nora’s back and tummy. It kind of looks like heat rash but she hasn’t been outside during the hot hours nor has she gotten overheated recently. It doesn’t seem to bother her at all so that’s good. Our home health care nurse has been keeping an eye on it and we spoke to her pediatrician about it and neither of them think it’s concerning. We asked Dr. Puder if he had seen any Omegaven related rashes and he hasn’t. We’ve been putting fresh aloe on it and it seems to be clearing up. We wanted to try the natural approach first before trying hydrocourtazone cream since it contains steroids, poor baby has enough going into her system already.


6 Responses to “It Works!!”

  1. Karen Owens Says:

    Wow! That is so exciting! I’m sure you all are so thrilled. We will be praying for an even lower bili next week! Go Nora!

  2. Aunt Jenn Says:

    Amazing, amazing news! I love it!

  3. Aunt Jenn Says:

    Wow, she does look less yellow already!!!! Good fish! I love the cute new pics!

  4. Uncle Chad Says:

    That is all great news…you guys don’t need to sweat the weight gain stuff…that is very common with ALL children. There are definite growth spurts; weight drops and gains.

    Can’t wait to see you guys when you head north.

  5. Aunt Brenda Says:

    Wow! It’s so great to see such quick results! I hear Nora can hold her own bottle now. I can picture her in a few months sitting in a high chair beside Lucas and Matthew trying out baby delicacies with her fingers. That will be a yummy day :)

  6. Ashley Fulford, RN Says:

    Yah!! So glad to hear that her sunshine is slowly sailing its way back into the skies!! So happy to hear this great news! Give her some hugs and kisses for me. Hope you guys are well too!

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