2 Hours Closer to Freedom!

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We started tapering Nora off of her hours on TPN on Friday. So today will be the 4th day that she gets a 2 hour break from being hooked up to IV’s – yay! We are monitoring her blood sugar before and after the 2 hour break to make sure it’s not dropping dramatically while she’s off and so far she’s doing great. We’ll increase her TPN break to 3 hours soon.

Another bit of good news to share is that yesterday Nora had a record breaking amount of caloric intake from formula. She ate 498ml of 22calorie Elecare which is a total of 365 calories. She needs to eat between 550-600 calories a day to completely get off TPN so we’re over half way there! Today we will begin introducing 24 calorie Elecare with one of her bottles. As long as she tolorates it well we’ll graduatley give her more 24 calorie bottles until she’s completely on 24 calories.

Lastly, Nora’s rash is almost completely gone. We took her to her pediatrician on Friday and he thought it was Eczema related. We used some 1/2% hydrocortisone cream and it seems to be doing the trick.

Here’s a picture of Nora enjoying her 2 hour TPN break at NeeNee’s house for Grandparents Day. :)


4 Responses to “2 Hours Closer to Freedom!”

  1. Alissa Says:

    Hey guys! I check your blog daily to see the latest and have thoroughly enjoyed the fantasic updates. Just so you know… the Arbonne baby products that you have cleared my friend’s daughter’s excema up right away… AND it’s 100% pure and safe for her.

  2. Aunt Jenn Says:

    It is great to keep reading more and more wonderful updates about Nora! She is growing so fast! She looks like such a big girl sitting on her daddy’s lap! She is such a beautiful girl – she makes my heart go pitter patter every day when I peek at her pictures and it brings tears of joy to my eyes to see her getting healthier each day. She looks beautiful and angelic in her pretty white dress! I must say that she seems to be looking more and more like her mommy each day! Keep up the amazing work guys!
    We love you

  3. Uncle Chad Says:

    Wow..that is a GREAT picture of Nora and her NeeNee.

  4. Ian Says:

    i might be coming out sometime in the next week. i would be honored to meet nora….

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