Super Doctor

I just wanted to take a minute and publicly thank and praise Dr. Mark Puder (“Super Doctor” as Sarah affectionately calls him) for being such a wonderful doctor and human being. Although we have yet to meet Dr. Puder in person he has continued to help us every step of the way with Nora. The first time I tried to reach him was a week or so after Nora was born and I sent him an email with Nora’s information and our phone number expecting to maybe get an email in a few days, if anything. To my surprise I heard back from him within hours and on a Sunday!! He was of course really helpful and got us caught up on what we needed to do to try and get Omegaven. Through the whole process he was extremely helpful and happily assisted us and our local doctors along the way. Now whenever I email him about Nora I usually get a response within 30 minutes!! How many of you can say that about your doctor or even your friends or co-workers for that matter? If we don’t get Nora’s labs online when we usually do he emails and asks about them. This man obviously cares, and cares a lot about these babies he is helping save. Today (Saturday) as we corresponded about Nora’s recent labs via email I mentioned that Sarah called him “Super Doctor” because he always seemed to be there and this was his response….

“I am here working and need to see all the patients. I am not comfortable not seeing everyone every day. I also have to get manuscripts done. Take care. Have a good weekend.” -Mark

I am not comfortable not seeing everyone every day” Are you freaking kidding me!! I always assumed he was always just responding so quick from his blackberry or something, not really at the hospital. AMAZING! This man deserves an award! If only everyone cared this much the world would be a much better place.


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  1. Aunt Jenn Says:

    That is quite impressive! Dr. Puder’s level of care and attention has definitely made a wonderful difference for Nora!

  2. Erin Maruska Says:

    He truly is a “Super Doctor”! Isn’t it amazing? He is a remarkable doctor and person. His care has been just as attentive for Connor and we are so thankful for him!

  3. Laura Bailey Says:

    He is a “Super Doctor” for sure! I have never-ever met another physician like him, unfortunately. Had Tyler’s doctors been as attentive as he is, he wouldn’t be in the fragile condition that he is. I have so much respect for Dr. Puder. I can’t say that we gave him an easy time while we were in Boston, we had so many issues, but he handled the problems with grace. Most doctors would have given up.

    Love your website! Thanks for including Tyler on your Short Gut Blogs list : )

  4. Miranda U Says:

    Hi! I just came across Nora’s website! She’s adorable! My 18 month old has Short Bowel Syndrome and we’re in the process of trying to get omegaven in Milwaukee WI. How long did it take for you to get approved with the FDA if you didnt go to one of the facilities that has it? She’s on a vent so it’s kinda hard to carry her across country given all of her medical conditions..
    Miranda Uren

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