Happy 5 Month Birthday Nora!!

Yesterday Nora turned 5 months old with a lowered Bilirubin of 5.0 to match! Her Bilirubin was 6.2 last week so we were very excited to learn of the drop! Nora celebrated her birthday by taking steps in her big girl shoes while holding on to her daddy’s fingers and visiting with Grammy and Grandpa.

september-27-2007-001.jpg september-27-2007-002.jpg september-27-2007-003.jpg september-27-2007-004.jpg september-27-2007-023.jpg

3 Responses to “Happy 5 Month Birthday Nora!!”

  1. Karen Owens Says:

    She looks amazing!!!!!

  2. Emily Brown Says:

    She is turning into such a big girl. She looks so cute in her big girl shoes.

  3. Aunt Jenn Says:

    She looks sooooo cute and so happy to be strutting around in her big girl shoes!!

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