Nora at the Pumpkin Patch


A little punkin just for our little punkin. :)

october-26-2007-013.jpg october-26-2007-015.jpg

5 Responses to “Nora at the Pumpkin Patch”

  1. Emily Brown Says:

    Nora looks so cute at the pumpkin patch! I took my boys to it on the same day. I wish we could have seen Nora!!! She looks wonderful!

  2. Aunt Jenn Says:

    Cute, cute, cute! I’m glad Nora found a good pumpkin! Happy Halloween (Eve)!

  3. Summer Says:

    She is absolutely ADORABLE!!! Happy Halloween!
    We love you! Love, the Walker Family

  4. Uncle Chad Says:

    Happy Halloween….Nora looks SO happy to be around all those pumpkins.

  5. Beverly, RN Says:

    Love that face! Look at that little imp. I have a feeling you’re going to see it a lot and that it equals mischivious.

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