Nora’s Big Week

This past week was a very big week with a lot of milestones for Nora. She turned 6 months old last Saturday! She celebrated the day with snuggles from the grandparents and a lot of smiles. We can’t believe she’s already half a year old!

october-27-2007-002.jpg october-27-2007-006.jpg

Nora received the best present of all last week, the gift of a healthy liver. Her Bilirubin total was 1.0 from Monday’s labs!!!!! We’ve been waiting for this moment and are so happy it’s really happening. Thank you Dr. Puder and Omegaven!!!!!!!

Happy Halloween!

october-31-2007-001-14.jpg october-31-2007-001-25.jpg

Nora loved playing with her little pumpkins on Halloween morning. Then she transformed into Super Nora for her first Halloween!

november-03-2007-034.jpg november-03-2007-036.jpg

Even super heros get tired sometimes………..

november-03-2007-043.jpg november-03-2007-045.jpg

Nora did not go without a treat for her first Halloween, she discovered that she REALLY likes rice cereal! We have been trying little bits of rice cereal for the past month or so and Nora has not liked it at all. The first bite 4 weeks ago made her gag and spit up then every time after that we tried she would spit it out and make this face like “You guys really expect me to eat that?!?” The docs said to keep trying and she’ll take it when she’s ready. Do you think she looks ready?

october-31-2007-001-38.jpg october-31-2007-001-50.jpg

Before she even had the first bite she tried to dive into the bowl. Since it was the first time that she really ate some we only gave her a few bites to make sure she tolerated it ok but she would have been happy to eat more. We’ve been giving her a few more bites each day and she is tolerating the rice cereal very well.

We’re getting ready to hit the road tomorrow to head up to Boston to finally meet the short bowel team and Dr. Puder. We are very excited to meet them and to see what their advice is for Nora’s nutrition and TPN management. It will be a long trip but we decided to drive instead of taking the risk of putting Nora on a plane during cold season. The GI docs in Boston want to see films of Nora’s GI tract so we stopped by Nora’s old stomping grounds at TMH to pick up the films and paid a visit to her buddies in the NICU. It was great to see Nora’s wonderful nurses and we’re sorry to the ones we missed. We can’t thank all of them enough for taking such wonderful care of our baby and showing her so much love.


8 Responses to “Nora’s Big Week”

  1. Ian Says:

    the good news just keeps on coming! travel safe you guys.

  2. Karen Owens Says:

    So exciting!!!! We hope to join you soon in the babies helped by Omegaven!! Go Nora you are so cute!

  3. Aunt Jenn Says:

    SUPER NORA is AMAZING!!! I LOVE the costume and also love hearing that her bilirubin is so low!! Have a safe trip and we hope to sneak a quick visit as you pass through Ky on your way home!
    We love you!

  4. Uncle Chad Says:

    That was an AWESOME costume. Who made it? I like the fish on there too…

  5. Katrina Nagy Says:

    Loved the costume!!! I am so happy Omegaven has done so well for Nora!!! Good luck in Boston. When Ryan’s bili dropped after 8 long weeks of being on Omegaven, we celebrated with McFlurries…so, it’s off to McD’s to help celebrate!! Katrina

  6. Anonymous Says:

    love, love, love the costume!!! hope you guys have a very safe trip to Boston and back… i know you’re excited to finally meet Dr. Puder. what a little inspiration Nora is :)

  7. alissa Says:

    whoops! the anonymous comment is from me!

  8. Beverly, RN Says:

    What an appropriate outfit for this little girl! And got to LOVE those white sclera!!!

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