Lucky Number Seven!

Yesterday was Nora’s seven month birthday, Happy Birthday Nora!! There are many good things to report from the past few days. On Mondays weigh in Nora had gained back 8oz of the 1lb 4oz she had lost over the past couple of weeks! Monday’s lab results are just as exciting, her Bilirubin is 0.5!!! It was the same last week and 0.8 the week before that and I can’t believe I forgot to post those wonderful numbers. Thanks to Omegaven Nora’s Bilirubin was the one thing we haven’t been having to worry about these past few weeks. Then this morning Nora awoke us with a beautiful thick poop! I had never been so happy to wake up to poop, yes, I’m really this excited about poop! :) Her BM’s have been very loose for quite sometime now with little consistency. Even before the two and a half weeks of liquid diarrhea her poops had been pretty loose (which was a symptom of Scarletina that we weren’t aware of at the time). When you’re a parent to a short bowel baby thick poops are always something to celebrate. :)

We usually don’t get our Christmas tree this early but with Nora’s first Christmas approaching we wanted to start the celebration right away. We got our tree Sunday and decorated it Monday evening. Nora thinks the lights are pretty neat. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday but I know that this year will be the best one by far!

november-26-2007-012.jpg november-26-2007-014.jpg

Little Miss Independent…………….Nora has been eating her rice porridge for two weeks now but after the first few days of eating it with a spoon and a bowl we were having to blend it up and put it in her bottle or she wouldn’t eat it. We were confused by her disinterest in eating with a spoon because she had always enjoyed it that way with the dried rice cereal. We would let her play in it a bit and hold the spoon but since Nora hadn’t been feeling well I guess my over-nurturing hormone kicked in and I was just trying to hold everything for her and put it in her mouth. Well thanks to Grammy’s visit yesterday we figured out that me holding the spoon for her was the entire problem! As soon as she gave Nora the spoon she was right back into being excited about eating it that way again! Duhh me! So she ate her rice porridge lunch out of a spoon again today like a big girl. She made quite a mess and I’m not sure how much really made it into her mouth but it was all good. :)

2 Responses to “Lucky Number Seven!”

  1. emily Says:

    Hey Guys!
    Happy Seventh Nora we are all so glad to hear you are doing so well!
    We love you all!!
    Love from Ky
    hooray for big poops, keep up the good work!

  2. Aunt Jenn Says:

    I love the pic of Nora’s little hand grabbing the Christmas tree light! Christmas will be extra special for you guys this year – it is so much fun to experience the wonder through little curious eyes! Now that her eyes are wide with Christmas sparkle, it’s great to hear that her bilirubin is low and her poop consistency is thick! Way to go Nora! Keep treating yourself to some yummy rice porridge! :)

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