Happy New Year!

Happy is indeed the word to start off the new year! Nora ended 2007 far above and beyond how she entered it earlier in the year on April 27. We are so happy with how she has progressed and are feeling very hopeful for her continued improvement in the year ahead.

Nora’s first day in 2007


Nora’s last day in 2007


Our shining star!

It brings back a lot of emotions looking at Nora’s first days, sad but also happy to see how far she has come. She continues to amaze us everyday with her strength and happy spirit. She can be quite the silly goose and brings us a lot of laughs with her growing personality.


Nora’s first tooth finally broke through on her 8 month birthday on 12/27. Or at least that’s the first day she let us get a peek at it. I’ve nicknamed her Percy lately because she’s always holding her little mouth tight lipped rubbing her bottom lip on her new tooth. The rest of the time she’s feeling it with her fingers.


Teething has not been good for Nora’s appetite. She goes through times of not wanting to eat very much when she’s in the midst of a teething spell. We know this is normal for all babies but for Nora it can be a set back when every ounce counts. Her weight has been fluctuating the past few weeks with her teething. She’s yet to make it above 14lb 10oz. She’s gotten there twice but had lost 8oz on last week’s weigh in. Thankfully her appetite seems to be picking back up this week and we’re expecting a gain when she’s weighed again on Monday. Overall Nora’s feedings are going great. She’s eating 106ml (3.5 oz) bottles of 22 calorie Elecare every 2-3 hours and eating her rice 2 times a day (when she’s not teething too bad). We’re wondering if she’s getting tired of the rice and is ready to expand her diet. We talked to her doctor last week about her diet and plan to start introducing new foods very soon. Homemade organic squash is most likely next on the menu.

Nora’s first Christmas was great. She wasn’t quite sure what to think of me showing how to tear into the gifts but she certainly enjoyed playing with the tissue paper. I’m sure by next Christmas she’ll have the gift opening thing down pat.


It was such a special time of year to have our precious little Nora to celebrate. She was by far the best gift under the tree. :)

3 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Aunt Jenn Says:

    You guys definitely have a lot of reasons to celebrate in the New Year! Nora’s birth and the weeks that followed were undoubtedly more stressful than any new parent could imagine/fear but she’s been able to blossom into a beautiful, inspiring, joyful little girl and it can all be attributed to her loving, determined parents that made it their mission to seek out the best resources in health care for their sweet baby girl. It makes my eyes swell to reflect on the grimmest of medical predictions that were made on April 27th but, as we all know, little Nora was born a fighter and started amazing everyone, including her medical team, from the very beginning and she continues to amaze and dazzle us all every day! You guys should be so very proud of yourselves as the wonderful parents of such an amazing little girl. Nora has taught us all so many things and has been inspiring in so many ways over the past 8 months so we can’t wait to see what other magneficent accomplishments she has in her future as she keeps creeping closer and closer to her monumental 1st birthday!
    Much love to you all! xoxo

  2. Diana McBride Says:

    I enjoy so much checking up on Nora’s spirit. Who knew she would be such an inspiration to so many? I just wanted ya’ll to know there were still a lot of us random folks out here quite often throwing positive vibes your way!!! With LOVE, Diana

  3. Lora Nastase Says:

    Happy New Year to beautiful Nora and her family! Wishes for a wonderful 2008 for you all.

    Collin Matthew’s Grandma

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