A Very Happy Easter


Nora’s first Easter was a very wonderful and happy day. It was the first holiday she celebrated with family outside of us, her grandparents and Uncle Kia. Thankfully everyone in Quincy was cold free and we were able to let Nora enjoy being around her family, which she absolutely loved.


Here she is ready for Easter with basket in hand on the way to Aunt Chris’ for lunch. (We waited to put on her Easter dress until we got there just in case……) Thankfully we were lucky the entire time she was in her Easter dress and had no blow outs!

She was a little shy at first checking everyone out but it didn’t take long for her to warm up and shine her loving personality. She even ate her rice porridge at the table with all of us during lunch and thought playing with the napkin ring as a bracelet was pretty funny.


As you can see by the expression on her Grammy’s face having Nora there was a very special time for all of us. Being able to get her out more and share her love is a true benchmark on how far she’s come. We all knew this day would come even though the doctors were skeptical in the beginning to say the least. But now we have no doubt that we will be celebrating many family holidays in the years to come with Nora right by our side. There are still a lot of family members waiting to meet Nora and we hope to be celebrating with all of them soon too!

march-23-2008-027.jpg march-23-2008-030.jpg
Nora’s first slide ride!

march-23-2008-037.jpg march-23-2008-040.jpg
Practice makes perfect!

march-23-2008-050.jpg march-23-2008-053.jpg

Nora is ready to walk, well more like run…..had I not been holding her hands she would have tried to take off after her cousins whizzing by. She’s been free standing for longer periods of time lately and has even been braving a few steps between mommy and daddy.


Now for a little snooze on the ride back home to rest up for more Easter cuteness at home in the backyard.


I let go Daddy!

march-23-2008-091.jpg march-23-2008-093.jpg


march-23-2008-061.jpg march-23-2008-073.jpg

march-23-2008-077.jpg march-23-2008-105.jpg
march-23-2008-089.jpg march-23-2008-122.jpg

6 Responses to “A Very Happy Easter”

  1. aunt brenda Says:

    What a fabulous, dreamed-of day!! Big birthday coming up soon :)
    Lots and lots of hugs and kisses!

  2. Katrina Nagy Says:

    Precious!!!! Thanks for the e-mail about the food!!!

  3. Aunt Jenn Says:

    Nora looks absolutely beautiful!!! It’s so amazing to see her standing on her own like such a big girl! It’s sort of hard to believe she’ll be a whole year old in just a month! Where does the time go?!?

  4. alissa Says:

    it was SO great and special to have all of you to celebrate Easter with. Nora is such a little miracle! can’t wait for the big birthday bash :)

  5. Aunt Chris Says:

    What an answer to many prayers and a complete delight to see little Nora in our home and sliding down our slide and walking with the help of her Daddy’s steadying hands! Praise God!

  6. Diana McBride Says:

    Sarah, you are not allowed to be a bookkeeper any more! Your new calling is photographer. Or maybe is’t your subject but WOW! Good times…

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