TPN free for 36 hours!

Just wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know the WONDERFUL news, Nora has been line free since 8:30 yesterday morning!! She has been doing great and her blood sugar is staying stable. And she had a 9oz gain from last week, woo hoo! She hasn’t had that big of a weight jump in a while but I’m sure she’s just making up for lost time as she has been shoveling down the food since she’s been getting less TPN. Her labs came back from yesterday looking good and we’re hoping they’ll look just as good next Monday after being off TPN for a week. We’re checking her glucose every 2-3 hours and setting the alarm checking it through the night. She’s such a good girl, she has never resisted or fussed about getting her finger pricked to check her blood sugar but we’ve been checking it so often lately that when I tell her it’s time to check her “finger number” she holds up her pointer finger and gives me her hand. Thank you Nora. :)

Montana and I have been floating on cloud 9 and worrying that she’ll be ok without TPN all at the same time. We keep thinking that we need to lay out her TPN to mix. Waking up this morning I had to double check that she really didn’t have a line connected to her. Nora is obviously enjoying the freedom to romp around without constantly getting tangled up her line. Hopefully this freedom will last. My gut (no pun intended) tells me it will even though it’s hard to believe. We’ll post more throughout the week with Nora’s progress during this monumental birthday week. :)

4 Responses to “TPN free for 36 hours!”

  1. aunt brenda Says:


  2. Karen Owens Says:

    No way!!!!! That is such great news. I can only imagine that your nerves are on high alert. We’ll be praying that Nora can maintain without yucky TPN and you all will have some peace in the process!

    Way to go Nora!

  3. Aunt Jenn Says:

    Nora is AMAZING!!!

    We love you guys!

  4. Ian Says:

    This is the best news I’ve had in a long time. I’m so happy for you guys. So, so happy. Hopefully this means we get to see more of her (I know, I’m selfish). Hopefully it means she gets to see more of outside, more of other kids, more of everything!

    You guys have come this far with flying colors. When she’s older Nora will be as proud of you as we are.

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