This week is the opening week of a wonderful daycare for special needs children here in town called Pediatria. This is the first daycare for special needs kids in Tallahassee. This fills a great need in our community and I am so excited that our good friend Bobbie Jean Armstrong is running it. We met Bobbie Jean shortly after Nora was born when she became our insurance coordinator. She was a tremendous help in getting Nora what she needed and we kept in touch after she left the insurance company to open Pediatria. Pediatria is a Georgia based company and this is the first one to open in Florida. The daycare provides physical and occupational therapy and is staffed with RN’s.

Nora and I visited the center last week before it opened and what a great time Nora had testing out some of the toys before the first students arrived.

april-18-2008-001.jpg april-18-2008-002.jpg

The set up of the daycare is perfect and truly delightful. The center has a bright and cheery educational atmosphere with lots of windows and a great playground outside. They even have a Curious George isolation room if a child is sick. The center far outshines any other daycare I have ever seen. I am so excited about the help Pediatria will bring to families with special needs children that I just had to share the news.

april-18-2008-003.jpg april-18-2008-005.jpg

We wish you the best of luck Bobbie Jean, congratulations!

april-18-2008-009.jpg april-18-2008-007.jpg

3 Responses to “Pediatria”

  1. Aunt Jenn Says:

    The daycare looks and sounds great! That’s so nifty that Nora was able to have a special sneak preview before the grand opening!

  2. Katrina Nagy Says:

    Happy Birthday NORA, a day late. Sorry, Ryan’s sister Lauren had her first Communion and his grandma’s b-day too yesterday. You’ve melted my heart and I am so happy you are doing so well.
    Ryan’s mommy

  3. Ashley Fulford Says:

    I can not believe I was running an erran while Nora was visiting! I am so jealous that Bobbie J. got to see her and play with her!

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