Nora is walking!

Two days after Nora’s first birthday she decided to let go of her wagon walker handle and take off on her own! Thankfully her Granddaddy and Nanny from Kentucky were still in town from her birthday celebration and got to see her first exciting independent steps. Nora has been leading up to walking for weeks now and even ran the length of an eight foot area rug with pure speed keeping her momentum going last week before Grammy catching her just in time. But now she is walking slowly and deliberately making sure to get her balance before taking off. Here are some pictures of Nora’s exciting first walk.

nora-walk-018.jpg nora-walk-019.jpg

nora-walk-012.jpg nora-walk-015.jpg

Nora had a wonderful time during her visit with Granddaddy and Nanny. Granddaddy (my dad) had not seen Nora since she was a week old and was still in very critical condition. Of course he and Nanny have been keeping up with Nora very closely but there’s nothing like seeing how far she’s come in person. We took Nora on an adventure out to Bradley’s Old Country Store and have many wonderful memories of their visit together.

april-28-2008-012.jpg april-28-2008-015.jpg

Nora, Granddaddy and Nanny in front of the old mill house that is still used today to grind Bradley’s fresh corn grits. Built in the 1920’s it is still standing and the original mill is still working grinding up some of the yummiest grits in the south.

april-28-2008-018.jpg april-28-2008-020.jpg

Love you Granddaddy!

One Response to “Nora is walking!”

  1. Aunt Jenn Says:

    CUTE, CUTE PICTURES!!! Nora is just full of suprises these days, isn’t she!?! I’d heard rumor of these first steps – she looks so proud of herself! Go Nora Go! Now that she’s independently mobile you guys are really in trouble – you just thought you were busy before! :)
    I love the pics of Nora and Granddaddy – it’s so sweet that they bonded at their one year reunion!
    I can’t wait to get down there and see that sweet girl again too!!!

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