TPN Update

Twelve days without TPN and Nora is doing great! We were very anxious to see this weeks labs and were then very relieved when they came back looking just as good, if not a little better than her labs from her last week on TPN. She is staying well hydrated and there has only been one day that her blood sugar was hanging out in the low range. The day her blood sugar was concerning was after three days of non-stop action of birthday fun so we chalked it up to Nora being more active and eating and sleeping less than usual from all the excitement because it has since returned to it’s usual 70-80’s range. Nora’s weight has dropped a little bit but that is expected while her body adjusts being off TPN. We will be getting her on an oral fish oil supplement soon to make sure she’s getting enough fat in her diet now that she’s off Omegaven. We’ve been collecting her stools for the past 48 hours for a fecal fat test. Let me tell you there’s nothing much more fun than scrapping poop into a gallon paint can and keeping it in the fridge, I’ll be happy to turn it into the lab today. :)

(Sorry for taking so long to post birthday stuff, I started writing a few posts but never got them up with all that’s been going on but now there are a few back dated posts to get us up to date.)

One Response to “TPN Update”

  1. Aunt Jenn Says:

    Glad to hear Nora is still holding strong on her own even after her festivitie full weekend!
    Hope you get that pail of poo out of your fridge soon! ;)

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