Is TPN to be or not to be?

We’re taking Nora to Shands Pediatric GI specialists in Gainesville tomorrow for them to assess her weight loss since coming off TPN four weeks ago. Thankfully her system seems to have gotten back on track after what seems to have been a stomach bug last weekend and she hasn’t lost anymore weight. We are anxious to hear what they think the next step should be. We want to give Nora every chance to maintain on her own but we don’t want to put her at any nutritional risk. We don’t feel that she’s in a deficit yet and think that she has a good chance to gain her weight back. Especially now that she’s eating solids again and her poops have continued to improve even with bumping her Elecare calories up to 24cal from 22. Both Nora’s local pediatrician and her nurse think she has room to try to make up the weight on her own but if she doesn’t start bulking up soon she’ll need to go back on TPN. We hope her episode didn’t set her back too far but if it did and she has to go back on TPN, as much as we don’t want it for her it will be ok and at least she had a chance to enjoy lots of splish splash baths and a little pool time.

may-19-2008-003.jpg may-19-2008-004.jpg
may-19-2008-007.jpg may-19-2008-008.jpg
may-19-2008-009.jpg may-19-2008-010.jpg
may-19-2008-014.jpg may-19-2008-015.jpg

Here is Nora earlier today enjoying her first pool experience in the back yard, she had a blast!

2 Responses to “Is TPN to be or not to be?”

  1. Aunt Jenn Says:

    CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!! I’m so glad Nora finally got to splash in her pool! It looks like she had a fabulous time! We can’t wait to see that cute little monkey next week (and the rest of you guys too)!!!

  2. Nanny & Granddaddy Ben Says:

    How much fun can any one girl have!! Nora looks wonderful, her color is beautiful and her weight seems perfect. Just the right size for hugs. We miss you all. Your hospitality and Nora sharing was truly appreciated.

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