Happy Homecoming Anniversary!

Today is the anniversary of Nora’s first homecoming from the hospital when she was 7 weeks old. We know that we were very fortunate for her being able to come home so young for a baby with her issues but seven weeks was long enough for us and we were so happy to finally have her home. Our first night home with Nora was full of IV anxiety, alarming pumps with air in the TPN line and a defective feeding pump. Thankfully Nora is doing much better now and we can celebrate this day TPN free.

Nora has made a huge turn around since we stopped giving her oils and the digestive enzymes. Her weight is staying up and her stools have decreased quite a bit. Her poops are a littler looser than we’d like but 3-4 a day is much better than 8-10. At the end of last week it was looking certain that Nora would need to go back on TPN. Thankfully waiting out the weekend paid off and gave her the time she needed. Her weight is up almost a pound and Monday’s labs came back looking good. Her little chubby chin is back and she’s looking like the little Nora we know. She was looking way too skinny there for a few days last week. We know that she will probably always be on the slim side without TPN but as long as we can keep her from developing any deficiencies then we are going to take our best shot at focusing all of our energy to keeping her in balance and keeping her off TPN.

4 Responses to “Happy Homecoming Anniversary!”

  1. Emily Brown Says:

    We are so happy Nora is back on track and gaining weight. She is still super Nora! Hope you all have a great father’s day weekend.

  2. kim Says:

    I would love to hear from you I am In Australia and there are no short bowel syndrome children here that I know of I am on my own with my son I would love to hear from you

  3. Aunt Jenn Says:

    Happy Homecoming Anniversary! The past year has been an amazing roller coaster ride for you guys but your determination and dedication has made all the difference in the world! Glad to hear Nora’s weight is staying steady without the oils and enzymes. Keep up the spectacular work!

  4. Cheri Says:

    Hey, it’s Mason’s mom (a/k/a Sock Boy)…I’m so glad that Nora seems to be doing better, and that her labs came back so that she could stay off of TPN! Woohoo! That is just exciting! And Nora, Mommy and Daddy are all beautiful (inside and out)!! Ya’ll are VERY special folks! I hope all goes well!


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