Hello Ducks!


We took Nora to see her duckie friends at Lake Ella over the weekend. Anyone who knows Nora knows that she absolutely LOVES ducks. It had been way too long since our last trip to the lake. As soon as we told her where we were going she grabbed her pink rubber duckie and was ready to go. Right when we got there she headed straight for the closest group of ducks, waving at them and laughing it up.

august-09-2008-005.jpg august-09-2008-003.jpg

She would have followed them right into the water had Montana not been holding her hand.


Wouldn’t you want to cuddle with these cute little baby chicks too? :)

august-09-2008-012.jpg august-09-2008-013.jpg

She had only been walking for a few weeks the last time we took her but this time she was running all around chasing after them full speed ahead!


Here are a couple little video clips of Nora with the ducks.



Nora was a very happy girl this weekend and was feeling much better after having an upset tummy for the last two weeks. Her nice thick poopies turned to frequent liquid stools after she got car sick on the ride down to Shands GI in Gainesville. Even though it’s only a 3 hour trip each way Nora’s system is so sensitive it always seems to get out of whack when she goes to these appointments every 2-3 months. The car rides to see the GI docs seems to do her more harm than good but we have to take her on a regular basis because they manage her TPN. The GI docs come to Tallahassee once a month for a digestive disease clinic, they have continued to want her to come down there because apparently they rush you in and out at the clinic and you only get a few minutes of face to face time with the doctor. But with her getting bigger and doing so well they said they’d be comfortable with her going to the clinic soon, hopefully that will take effect at the next appointment.

Since Nora has not gained all of her weight back from going off TPN in April they increased her TPN calories and volume (from 240mls to 320mls) and would like to see her up to 18-19 lbs within a few months. Her current weight is 16lbs 8oz and she was around 17 1/2 lbs when she went off TPN. Even though she is small for her age she is well proportioned and has good muscle mass and has gained her fat reserve back. She’s just our petite little princess. :)

2 Responses to “Hello Ducks!”

  1. Aunt Jenn Says:

    What a cute petite little princess!!! It’s good to see her back out with her duckie friends again!

  2. Andrea Says:

    To the mother of Nora…..

    My baby also has SBS. I was wondering if you had any idea’s on keeping weight on your babe?
    Have you had issues with keeping weight on her?


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