Big Girl Nora


Nora has been doing very well for the past few weeks. She’s growing up into such a big girl so fast, mentally and physically. She keeps us on our toes running after her all around the house and is constantly amazing us with her growing vocabulary. She’s gained almost a pound in the last month and her labs have been reflecting a very happy body.

Nora is picking up new words all the time and has started saying three word sentences. She says “I did it!” and “In a minute.” I never realized how much I say “in a minute” until she started saying it. The newest word she is saying is octopus which she very cutely pronounces “acapuss”.

Nora is certainly a girly girl. She loves shoes and hats, and pretty much anything that can be put on her head and called a hat. :) Here is a little video of her pretending that the top to her toy cookie jar is a hat.

august-30-2008-003.jpg august-30-2008-004.jpg
Nora loves playing with her dresses and clothes. Here she is donning her fancy dress from New York that was a very sweet gift from a dear friend. It’s still a bit big but darn cute anyways. :)

Nora’s digestion has been on track lately and she has enjoyed trying new things. Since she tolerated the goat’s milk yogurt so well we decided to give her some goat’s milk by adding a tiny bit to her bottles at first. Now she’s able to tolerate enough goat’s milk to enjoy a small bowl of cereal when we mix it with her rice puffs. We’ve also added jarred baby food apples and pears to her diet but only in very small amounts and just once or twice a week (as they do seem to make her stools more loose) but it’s nice to be able to give her a little sweet treat now and then.

We started potty training with Nora a few weeks ago after we realized that not only can she tell us before she has to go but she can also hold it in when she’s not in her comfort zone to make poo. Which with short bowel is very surprising. We don’t want her to hold it in as it ends up whacking out her system and giving her diarrhea but we were amazed to see that she has such control of her bowels. When we first brought out the potty she didn’t want to sit on it and only wanted to bang on the lid like a drum. But she’s been warming up to it over the past week and sitting on it bare bottom for short spurts. Then late last night she she woke up with a loud tummy which usually preceeds a poo so I thought we’d give the potty a try while we waited and she made one tiny drop of poo in the potty! We kept her on it as long as we could by letting her play with the toilet paper roll but then she was ready to get up and finished the job in her diaper. We were very proud of our big girl and had a potty party at 12:45am! :)

3 Responses to “Big Girl Nora”

  1. Aunt Jenn Says:

    What a big girl starting to use the potty already!!!
    Nora is completely amazing!

  2. Abby Brogan Says:

    Yeah POOP! I hope you have great success with this, please let me know any secrets that you find out. Ellie was very into the potty about 7 months ago, and now doesn’t want anything to do with it. ugh! When she was using it we had potty stickers that she could play with while on the potty. That helped keep her on the toilet for a bit longer.
    Good Luck!

  3. PsychMamma Says:

    I’ve just recently found your blog and have to say that Nora is adorable!! I’m trying to figure out how old she is, but still need to go back through your archives to get your/her whole story. Our J is two and a half (with Short Gut also). We just finished potty training, and I’m relating to many of the things you write about. (I blogged about our potty training at if you’re interested).

    Thanks for sharing your story! I’m going to settle in to read more about you now. :-)

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