A Happy Butterfly Halloween

Nora had a wonderful 2nd Halloween….all treats, no tricks!  Super Nora turned her cape in for wings and fluttered around as Nora the Butterfly Princess this year. Get ready for lots of pictures! :)


Nora had a lot of fun playing with her pumpkins for the past few weeks. But then when she realized that we can take their “guts” out and put faces on them it took the pumpkin fun to a whole new level.

halloween-2008-004.JPG halloween-2008-006.JPG
halloween-2008-014.JPG halloween-2008-034.JPG
halloween-2008-033.JPG halloween-2008-026.JPG halloween-2008-028.JPG

After getting the pumpkins ready to greet trick-or-treaters Nora emerged from her cocoon as Nora the Butterfly Princess! We went for a little stroll around the neighborhood hoping to see some other trick-or-treaters but I guess we were too early. Nora had a great time just walking around and playing in the front yard.

halloween-2008-038-zoom.jpg halloween-2008-044.JPG
halloween-2008-043.JPG halloween-2008-046.JPG
halloween-2008-047.JPG halloween-2008-049.JPG
halloween-2008-056.JPG halloween-2008-070.JPG

Thanks for celebrating Halloween with us Aunt Jenny! (a.k.a. mommy’s childhood best friend)
halloween-2008-065.JPG halloween-2008-063.JPG halloween-2008-064.JPG
halloween-2008-079.JPG halloween-2008-080.JPG
Nora couldn’t get enough of sugary candy. We figured it’s Halloween, why not?!? ……..just kidding, just a little Halloween trick. :) Nora doesn’t even realize that candy is for eating, she just enjoys playing with the crinkly wrappers and sorting the colors. But she did get to enjoy some short gut friendly treats when we continued the Halloween fun by trick-or-treating at the grandparent’s yesterday. Nora shared some rice puffs with Mammie (formerly Grammy). Nora has lovingly renamed both of her grandmothers, Grammy (Montana’s mom) is now Mammie and NeeNee (my mom) is now Nana. The grandfather’s names remain unchanged until further notice. :)

halloween-2008-093.JPG halloween-2008-096.JPG
halloween-2008-089.JPG halloween-2008-091.JPG

Then we’re off to Nana’s garden for some butterfly fun with the flowers!

halloween-2008-107.JPG halloween-2008-109.JPG
halloween-2008-110.JPG halloween-2008-114.JPG halloween-2008-121.JPG
dsc01166.JPG dsc01168.JPG
dsc01170.JPG halloween-2008-124.JPG
halloween-2008-135.JPG halloween-2008-138.JPG

We hope that everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!

If you’d like to see Butterfly Nora in action just click on the video link on the left side menu at the top.

2 Responses to “A Happy Butterfly Halloween”

  1. Katrina Says:

    Oh she is biteable!!! :) So precious, what a gift we have received in having our children with us to celebrate another Halloween! I thank our surgeon frequently as we also feel indebted to him.

  2. Aunt Jenn Says:

    Happy Halloween to a beautiful butterfly princess!!! I love the butterfly tiara – so cute! Looks like Nora had a wonderful Halloween full of all kinds of treats…not even realizing that she’s the biggest treat of all! :)

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