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What a Year!

December 31st, 2008

Goodbye 2008! It’s been a year full of ups and downs with many challenges along the way but overall I’d say it was a big success for Nora. In the past year our little baby has grown into a little girl. I can’t believe how much has happened this year. Just to name a few highlights of the year Nora….

merry-christmas-155.JPG merry-christmas-154.JPG merry-christmas-159.JPG merry-christmas-171.JPG
Nora’s second Christmas was very special. Her NeeNee, Mammie and Pappy came over Christmas morning to watch her open gifts. As she’s in the midst of opening presents a very special guest rings the door. Dr. Crooms! Wow…..we were so surprised, and I think we still are. Dr. Crooms is Nora’s surgeon who saved her life when she was just a few hours old. Soon after their first meeting Nora grabbed a hold of Dr. Crooms heart strings and never let go. Even though we only see him every few months they have a very special connection. Dr. Crooms is a very busy doctor with a lot of patients and we are so very honored that he took the time out of his Christmas day to visit with us and bring Nora a gift. There is no denying what a very special little miracle Nora is and I think Dr. Crooms’ reaction to her success is a affirmation to that. I think our expressions say it all. :)
christmas-2008-046.JPG merry-christmas-266.JPG
On Christmas Eve Nora ate her first “real” green bean. She has tried baby food green beans before, which she immediately spit out and said “yuck!” But this time she said “yum!” and ate it up. Unfortunately her short bowel didn’t like it as much as her taste buds and it came out undigested the next day. But at least it stayed in her system for almost 24 hours and it didn’t give her diarrhea which usually happens when she eats something new that doesn’t digest. Even though the green bean didn’t digest I still see it as a step in the right direction since her system held on to it for a little while. (either way she looked darn cute eating it)

Before dinner Santa Nora took a ride in a two dog open wagon instead of a one horse open slay. The details were a little different but she still delivered a big package of joy!

Every little girl wants a pony for Christmas! Thank you NeeNee, Papaw Don, Aunt Jenn and Uncle Chad!
merry-christmas-221.JPG merry-christmas-224.JPG
She was a little intimidated by her horsey at first and just wanted to pet and kiss him. But by Christmas evening she was ready for her first ride.
christmas-2008-055.JPG christmas-2008-056.JPG
Giddy up!
christmas-2008-061.JPG christmas-2008-063.JPG

We say goodbye to Christmas with a walk through the lights at Dorothy B. Oven park.
christmas-2008-009.JPG christmas-2008-016.JPG
christmas-2008-026.JPG christmas-2008-028.JPG
Click on the links below to see video clips of Nora’s Christmas lights adventure.

Christmas lights at Dorothy B. Oven
More Christmas lights at Dorothy B. Oven



Getting Ready for Santa

December 16th, 2008

I can’t believe Christmas is less than 10 days away. Nora has been having lots of fun playing with the tree ornaments and looking at the sparkley lights. I can’t wait to see her reaction on Christmas morning now that she’s getting to be such a big girl. She’s so inquisitive and thoughtful about everything she does. Here’s a little video clip of chatty girl Nora talking to the ornaments on the tree and showing them to her toy duckie.

Nora was a good helper when we decorated the tree the other week. She likes to take the ornaments off more so than putting them on but overall she’s been a very good girl with the tree.
putting-up-the-tree-001.JPG putting-up-the-tree-015.JPG

Nora has been doing great on the decreased amount of TPN. She’s been on the lesser amount for almost 3 weeks and she has gained 12oz since the decrease! Her little body isn’t the only thing growing. Nora’s vocabulary amazes us everyday. She can say pretty much anything she wants to. She has learned how to say “thank you” and “you’re welcome” and when it is appropriate to say it. And the other day she turned to me and said “hi mama, how ya doin?”.

Nora loves to be outside, she’s such a little nature girl. Here she is enjoying her first wagon ride.
NeeNee’s doggies joined in the wagon riding fun too!
wagon-008.JPG wagon-017.JPG
She would have rode around in the wagon all day if we had the energy to keep pulling her around the yard. The faster and bumpier the ride was, the more she liked it. Every time we’d stop she’d say “more, more!”. After seeing how much she loved it, a wagon is now on her Christmas list. (but a less heavy duty one) :)


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