Nature Girl Nora

This past weekend we took Nora to the coast for the very first time. She was instantly drawn to the ocean…..she does have fish oil in her blood. :) Montana and I both grew up in Florida so the beach has always been a big part of our lives so to have Nora experience the sights and sounds of the beach was very special for us. Taking her before now wasn’t very realistic with 24hr/day IV lines, daily surprise blowouts and car sickness. But thankfully the first two obstacles are no longer an issue and since Nora got her big-girl forward facing car seat she seems to tolerate riding much better.

st-marks-lighthouse.JPG st-marks-lighthouse-1.JPG

Before now the only bodies of water Nora had seen were ponds with ducks in them. So when we first got there she was a little confused as to why there weren’t any duckies in the ocean. Hey where my duckies at?!?

Click here to see Nora’s first talk with the ocean

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Nature lover Nora was right at home, running all around exploring the surf for shells and sticks.

Click here to see nature girl in action

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We are looking forward to many more Nora adventures in the upcoming spring and summer!

3 Responses to “Nature Girl Nora”

  1. Ian Says:

    you know, we have some nice beaches here on amelia island… she could see all the shrimp boats and maybe even a dolphin or a whale. if nora felt like a visit, we’d love to see her.

    and it wouldn’t be terrible to see you two either. :)

  2. Aunt Jenn Says:

    Uncle Chad, Mairin and I love watching the clips of Nora at the coast! We miss you guys and can’t wait to see that sweet little Nora again soon! We love you!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. aunt brenda Says:

    What fun videos! I love getting to hear her talk and watch her reactions. I hear Jody has figured out that if he shows up with a toy duck in his pocket at your house, he’s an instant hit! Hope to see you all soon:)
    aunt b

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