It was bound to happen eventually….

Sooner or later we knew Nora would catch a cold even with all of the precautions we take to protect her from germs. She started sneezing and getting a runny nose last Friday. (how ironic it was the same day I prematurely celebrated the end of cold season being near in sight on Nora’s blog) We at first thought it was just allergies since everything around here is covered in a blanket of yellow pollen and Nora had been playing outside a lot that day. But then by late Saturday afternoon it was apparent that she had a full blown cold and was running a low grade temp. Thankfully it never reached above 100.8 and it went back down below normal after one dose of Motrin. Had it gone above 101 we would have had to take her to the hospital just as a precautionary to rule out a line infection.

Sadly but not surprisingly I’m pretty sure she caught it from me. I came down with what felt like a cold the weekend after we got back from Birmingham but since Nora and Montana were fine I chalked it up to bad allergies and I didn’t keep my space from Nora like I should have. Although it probably would have happened regardless just with us all living in the same house but I still feel bad that her own mommy gave Nora her first cold. :(

Nora has been feeling pretty miserable off and on but like a trouper she hasn’t been too cranky about it. Until it’s time for sleep…she’s either very stuffy or choking on drainage when she lays down so she has no interest in sleeping until she can’t stay awake any longer. When she starts getting tired she puts it in overdrive and runs herself out until she just crashes. There hasn’t been much transition time between awake and asleep the past few nights. The usual wind down and read books routine has gone out the door. Poor sweetie was so tired yesterday but would start coughing when she’d lay down so she fell asleep sitting straight up in the rocking chair. Rest is what she needs but hasn’t been getting very much of and when she does it’s not good quality sleep. We’ve been trying to keep her head elevated at night but she is such a wiggle worm we have to prop her back up all through the night.

Thankfully she’s showing improvement today and hopefully she will wake up feeling much better in the morning. Her nurse came by yesterday and listened to her lungs and they were clear. We have an appointment set up for tomorrow with her primary doctor since today is her fifth day of it but hopefully he will think she’s on the mend.

Nora’s weight had just started picking back up the past couple of weeks so hopefully this cold wont push her back down. She hasn’t had much of an appetite since she’s been sick and is mostly just drinking Elecare and munching on little snacks but no real meals. At least one good side effect of that is her poops have been smaller and thicker than usual.

Nora was supposed to have her upper GI and liver ultrasound this week but we rescheduled for this coming Monday. With no g-tube we have to count on Nora drinking the barium dye to avoid a tube down her throat. We don’t want to put her through that if we don’t have to and want to give her every chance to avoid it. At least the little amount of small intestine she has is in her favor for this procedure and she only has to drink a fraction of the amount as usual.

Here are some pictures taken during Nora’s visit with her Uncle Kia at Mammie and Pappy’s last weekend. She had fun playing cars and shaking shakers.

0101.JPG 012.JPG
005.JPG 0011.JPG

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