Nora’s 2nd Easter

Nora says….Happy belated Easter Everyone!

easter-2009-46.JPG easter-2009-49.JPG

This Easter Nora was old enough to really get the concept of egg hunting but thankfully not old enough to realize that there is usually candy inside them so she just enjoyed the pure fun of running around outside finding eggs.

easter-2009-68.JPG easter-2009-69.JPG
easter-2009-72.JPG easter-2009-61.JPG
easter-2009-32.JPG easter-2009-8.JPG

Easter fell on Montana’s birthday this year so the day was extra special. Nora happily shared her egg findings with her Daddy. There has been a lot of birthday talk lately around our house with Nora’s 2nd birthday coming up at the end of the month. (10 days from today to be exact ) :) Nora was very attentive to the birthday activities and she is definitely getting excited about her big day.


After hunting eggs at Mammie and Pappy’s, Bunny Nora was off to NeeNee and Papaw’s for a second round of Easter fun casual style.

easter-053.JPG easter-054.JPG
dsc01317.JPG dsc01324.JPG

Mommy sure loves her Bunny Nora! :)

(and don’t worry, Nora’s not eating a nandina berry, that’s just her “humm, I’m thinking” pose)

One Response to “Nora’s 2nd Easter”

  1. Aunt Jenn Says:

    Cute, Cute, Cute!!! I wish we could have been together to see little Nora hopping down the bunny trail!

    We love you guys!

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