Nora’s 2nd Birthday!

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If you cannot view the scrapbook slide show here are some pictures from Nora’s birthday:

noras-2nd-birthday-025.JPG noras-2nd-birthday-031.JPG noras-2nd-birthday-040.JPG
noras-2nd-birthday-044.JPG noras-2nd-birthday-056.JPG
noras-2nd-birthday-053.JPG noras-2nd-birthday-066.JPG
noras-2nd-birthday-088.JPG noras-2nd-birthday-094.JPG

3 Responses to “Nora’s 2nd Birthday!”

  1. Brooke, RN Says:

    Happy Birthday, Nora! All your NICU friends still keep up with what you’re doing through your blog- keep up with it :) We are so proud of all you’re doing! You are truly Super Nora! Happy, happy 2nd Birthday!

  2. NeeNee Says:

    Happy Birthday, Nora!

    We enjoyed your party every bit as much as you! We just wish that Aunt Jenn and cousin Marin could have been here with us.

  3. Aunt Jenn Says:

    Aunt Jenn and cousin Marin wish the circumstances would have been right for us to be there too! We’ll have to get these girls together again soon.

    Happy 2nd Birthday, Nora!

    We love you!

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