Fun with food

When dealing with short bowel syndrome food and eating is full of challenges and aggravation. But at the same time it can also be very exciting when new food doors open. Nora’s diet is still very limited but her tolerance to a wider variety of foods is growing and that is definitely something to celebrate. :)

We have been having lots of fun with food lately.
I’ll let the pictures tell the story…….
016.JPG 012-2.jpg
Nora the chef helping to make some Nora friendly (gluten-free) banana bread and muffins.
013.JPG 021.JPG

Nora loves fruits and vegetables. She has a very healthy taste for veggies but unfortunately can’t tolerate a lot of them. Even though Nora cannot eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, she still has a great time exploring and playing with them. Going to the local fruit and vegetable stand is one of her favorite adventures and she gets big kicks out of picking fresh fruit and veggies.
0052.JPG 0062.JPG 0073.JPG
Picking pears in our front yard with Daddy.

Here Nora is modeling a buttercup squash grown just for her by my good childhood friend Jen, a.k.a. Aunt Jenny. Nora enjoyed eating it just as much as she did being silly and playing with it.

Nora had a great time inspecting the corn from Aunt Linda’s garden yesterday afternoon.
001.JPG 002.JPG
Playing with fruits and vegetables is what kept Nora entertained while she got her first haircut, well more like a trim, but it was still one of those monumental “firsts”. :)
Since Nora has such little hair, I didn’t want to have even one strand of it cut off but her top wispy layer was starting to look pretty scruffy so the deed needed to be done.
Nora had no interest in sitting in the chair with a cape on so Aunt Linda did a great job of following her around and stealthily cutting her hair as she played.

These last pictures have nothing to do with eating or haircuts, I just wanted to share them because my baby girl looks so darn cute. :)
0042.JPG 0055.JPG
018.JPG 019.JPG

3 Responses to “Fun with food”

  1. aunt brenda Says:

    She definitely does look cute!! And healthy. I love those plump little cheeks:)

  2. Aunt Jenn Says:

    I love, love, love that little girl!

  3. Anita Odom Says:

    Oh, she looks such a big girl now! gosh, she is gorgeous!

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