Rain, rain stay away!

It has been raining here everyday for over a week straight and thankfully we finally got a much needed break from it today. Since we don’t take Nora to “kid-friendly” inside places (a.k.a. germ factories) especially during flu season, outside adventures are our main source of out of the house fun.  So Nora and I took advantage of it and got out and enjoyed some fresh air at the Lichgate Cottage. Even though it was pretty humid and muggy we still had fun romping around the grounds and checking out the new circular path with a rainbow mosaic in the center.

litchgate-011.JPG litchgate-012.JPG
litchgate-017.JPG litchgate-020.JPG

With Nora’s great imagination we’ve still been going on adventures even though we’ve been stuck inside a lot lately. She loves to dress up in her favorite hat and pretends to be all kinds of places. Here she is at the beach…..
the tissue paper was the sand, she grabbed her shades and a cup for her juice if she got thirsty while sunning. :) Nora gets very detailed with her pretend play and it makes me so happy watching her imagination grow.

Nora’s incisions from her port surgery are healing up very well. She was pretty sore for the first two weeks and continued to be leery of us changing her port needle and dressing even after it wasn’t sore anymore. But I think she realized with this weeks needle change that it really doesn’t hurt anymore and hopefully she wont have anymore anxiety about it. Which makes less anxiety for me too. Nora has always been very aware of her port, we talk to her about it openly and she knows that she gets her TPN through it. She knows that she had surgery and seems to understand a lot more than you would expect an almost 2 and a half year old to understand. She definitely wins the super tough and super smart cookie award in our family.

One Response to “Rain, rain stay away!”

  1. NeeNee Says:

    It has been a while since I’ve visited Nora’s site. There is so much new to see! I saw her singing “Ole MacDonald” and playing tractor and at the beach. If she won’t sing for me in person, at least I an see her on video!

    Nora you are so very, very special and bring such joy to all of us!! Thank you for your Happy GrandParents Day!!

    With all the love in the world,
    NeeNee and Papa Don

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