A trip to the Museum of Natural History

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We took Nora to the Natural History Museum a couple weekends ago and she had a blast romping around the grounds checking out the animals. Our imaginative little goose made a “cake” for the farm animals, (the stack of mason jar tops and a magnet she’s holding in her right hand) she would hold it out and tell them “I have some food for you”. :)

Click here to see Nora pet the sheep

Nora loves animals but she is definitely more interested in usually just looking at them more than actually touching them. But she couldn’t resist giving the sheep a quick pet even though she originally said “no way!” as you’ll hear in the video when her daddy asked her if she wanted to.
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After checking out the farm animals and buildings we headed over to visit the native animals and walk the trail.

jr-museum-029.JPG Hello Mr. Snake

We wanted to stop on the bridge to take a family photo op but Nora didn’t have time for any of that, as you can see she was leaving us in the dust. She had places to go and more exciting animals to see.

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Even though the bears were sleepy heads she still loved seeing them.
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I only posted a few of all of the animals Nora got to see, it was a animal fun-filled afternoon. Nora walked her little self out and fell asleep in my arms before we even got to the car.

2 Responses to “A trip to the Museum of Natural History”

  1. Aunt Jenn Says:

    Looks like Nora the Nature Explorer had a great time!!

  2. Aunt Jenn Says:

    By the way, Marin loves listening to Nora say “no way” about petting the sheep! She knows she has a cute and funny cousin! :)

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