Thank you Nora

Nora must have snuck on the computer and read my last blog post and thought that sleeping through the night sounded like a good idea. I hope I don’t jinx us by writing this but Nora has slept through the night without waking up for a bottle for the last four nights in a row. Not sure what prompted such sound sleeping but we’ll take it! Thank you Nora! :)

(I started typing this last night and didn’t get a chance to post it and guess what…..I jinxed us. But that’s ok, we still appreciate the four nights we got.)

Nora had a big adventure over the weekend down at the St. Marks coast. She has been to the beach a couple of times before but never wanted to even get one toe in the water. But this time she was ready……really, really ready! We went down there to see the annual monarch butterfly migration but Nora was only interested in the water. Thankfully it was sunny and warm enough to wade in the water. I think she would have gone for a full out swim had we let her.
st-marks-004.JPG st-marks-012.JPG
st-marks-014.JPG st-marks-011.JPG
Nora had a blast checking out all the sea life in the shallows.
We even found a seahorse!

Click here to watch Nora wading in the water at St. Marks

Leave it to Nora to find a way to have fun with a medical mask. She is the queen of putting funny things on her head these days.
0101.JPG 0151.JPG

Even though she’s wearing it a little different from the norm, Nora’s mask goes right along with her sweet, caring nature and nursing skills. Last week as I was cooking I dropped a pan lid on my toe and hollered out “ouch!”  Nora responded “are you ok mommy?” then started walking towards the medical supply drawer and said “here, let me get you a band aide.” That’s my smart, sweet girl. :)

Today is Nora’s 30 month birthday so she is now officially a full 2 and 1/2. Happy Birthday Nora, we love you!

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