Another Butterfly Princess Halloween

Nora is always full of surprises. For weeks she has been dead set on being “Rosie kitty cat clown princess” (from the cartoon Caillou) for Halloween. But when it came time to put on her costume she wanted nothing to do with the clown and cat part of the costume. You’re allowed to do that when you’re 2 1/2. :) So she decided to grab her tiara and butterfly wings from last year and emerged as the Butterfly Princess once again. Humm, I’m seeing a pattern here, princess is a strong common denominator….that’s our girl.

halloween-2009-005.JPG halloween-2009-006.JPG

Flash back to last Halloween…..look how much our little butterfly has grown…

halloween-2008-044-zoom.jpg halloween-2008-047.JPG

We didn’t take Nora door to door for a couple of reasons, 1) flu germs and 2) we didn’t want to tease her with collecting a bunch of candy that she can’t eat anyways. But none the less she still had a great time on a special Nora trick-or-treat route. The first stop was to our super sweet neighbors Chrys and Owen. They are wonderful neighbors who are well aware of Nora’s condition so they had a special bag of toys just for Nora.

halloween-2009-014.JPG halloween-2009-021.JPG

Then it was off to the Nora’s grandparents who both had Nora friendly treats waiting for her. An organic, sugar-free, gluten-free lollipop may sound like something that would taste like cardboard but surprisingly they are very tasty and Nora loves them.

halloween-2009-041.JPG Jackpot!

We gave her a few before Halloween to make sure she would do ok with them so she KNEW what she as getting.

halloween-2009-046.JPG halloween-2009-047.JPG halloween-2009-048.JPG

We hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween!

One Response to “Another Butterfly Princess Halloween”

  1. Aunt Jenn Says:

    I love a girl that can make up her own mind!! She is too sweet!

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