So Very Thankful

This Thanksgiving was full of all of the things we are so very thankful for…, love, sharing, and of course Nora! My parents, grandparents and brother were so sweet and drove down from KY to join us. My sister and her family were also planing to join us but my niece Marin got sick at the last minute. :( We hope you feel all better soon sweetheart!

We only had a few days with my family so we made sure to make the best of our time together and had an adventure packed visit. Nora took her very first boat ride on the Wakulla River. She had a blast looking over the side of the boat to see alligators, manatees, turtles, fish and lots of different kinds of river birds.

dsc_0455.JPG dsc_0435.JPG dsc_0512.JPG dsc_0531.JPG

But as impressive as all those animals were, a little brown squirrel gave her the most entertainment. He was burying an acorn for the winter and Nora couldn’t stop laughing at it’s frantic digging and pounding the acorn into the ground. She was laughing so hard my grandparents heard her laughing from all the way across the park.

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Thanksgiving dinner was extra special this year, not only for the great company but it was the first year Nora got to eat a real turkey dinner and the same menu as the rest of us. Turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans (hulled) and pumpkin pie made with goat milk just for Nora by her sweet Mammie, yum! And it was even better that her tummy handled all of it great. :)
thanksgiving-2009-032.JPG thanksgiving-2009-033.JPG

After we stuffed ourselves we took Nora to walk around and see the Christmas lights at Dorothy B. Oven park. Nora is definitely going to enjoy Christmas this year more than ever and is already getting very excited about it.
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It was so great for my family to be able to join in the Nora fun. She is such a special little girl who we will forever be so very thankful for.

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