As Promised…

Fun times had in February :)

A Valentine’s Day visit with Mamma Tom.
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What a great way to spend Love Day…..

Nora put herself on seagull patrol at Lake Ella. Get out of here gulls, this is duck territory!
click here to see Nora “scramming” off the seagulls
Our little southern accent girl, who knew that “scram” could be a two syllable word? (and yes fellow germaphobes,  I Purelled her hands immediately after turning off the camera) :)

Took NeeNee’s doggie Lizzie for a stroll…
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Nora got such a kick out of pushing Lizzie in her stroller. She would have pushed Lizzie around all day, and I think Lizzie would have let her.

Had a dance with her shadow and a big laugh with Uncle Kia at Lichgate.
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032.JPG 033.JPG
Then the same afternoon Pappy and Daddy fixed Nora’s slide, made for one happy day!

We ended the month by getting Nora’s garden going. She is quite the little helper. Springtime, we are ready!
003.JPG 006.JPG

Nora is such a happy and imaginative little girl. She is always making Montana and I laugh, taking us by surprise with the stuff she comes up with. The other night she was quietly playing in her room, Montana went to check on her and found her hammering on herself all over her body with her toy hammer. She wasn’t hurting herself so Montana just watched to see what the outcome was going to be. After a few minutes of hammering and rubbing the toy screw driver on her face she said “There, I’m all fixed!” I’m sorry I missed seeing that one for myself.

A couple more fun February moments, click the links to watch.

This last one is really short but I just had to share Nora’s “goatee”.

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