Intestines grown from stem cells

Yesterday I was having bit of a ho-hum day until I checked Max’s blog and read the latest entry which linked to this article

Talk about about turning my mood around! Even though the research is just in the very beginning stages and nothing has been published in a scientific journal yet, this is HUGE news for the short bowel world. Thank you Yuko for posting such amazing news to bring us to a whole new realm of medical possibility and hope!

3 Responses to “Intestines grown from stem cells”

  1. Aunt Jenn Says:

    Wow, that IS pretty amazing news!

  2. Mike Nance Says:

    I am starting a Facebook support group. “Short Bowel Syndrome – A Support Community of those who understand!” In addtion to blogs, it would be nice to have such a centralized location to become interactive friends. Thus, I gave it a shot! There is not likely another human being less techno than myself but find Facebook a wonderful avenue to build relationships. Hope this finds you well. I am Matthew Nance’s dad who is a 14yr old having a rough time right now.

  3. NeeNee Says:

    That is wonderful news!!!

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