Playdate with Maya

Nora had her first official “playdate” with my good friend Elizabeth’s daughter Maya this week. Nora has played with cousins at family get togethers, and we’ve met up with some friends and their kids at a park a few times but this was the first time that Nora had a friend over on her turf to play.


It was absolutely wonderful, Nora and Maya got along great and had a blast just being two sweet little girls together. Maya is just 9 months older than Nora so they are close enough in age to make good buddies.

nora-and-maya-008.JPG nora-and-maya-013.JPG

(as you can see by Nora’s bloated belly, she was having so much fun she wouldn’t even stop to poop even though I knew she had to and kept trying to get her to!)

We’ve been guarded with Nora’s interactions with other kids from the start to lesson the chances of her getting sick. But we also haven’t wanted to keep her too isolated and keep her from socializing and playing with other kids. It’s been a hard balance, we’ve been trying to have playdates for a while but it seemed that every time it was about to happen the other child would come down with a cold or some other sickness. So this playdate was a long time coming and very good for our hearts and souls. Elizabeth and I are planning to make a Maya and Nora playdate a weekly event.


I think this is just the beginning of many fun happy moments to come. :)

On a side note, Nora hasn’t said “blah, blah, blah” since she learned that it will get her a quick ticket to time out. Like any little one her age she likes testing the waters but she’s a smarty and is learning fast that time out is no fun.

2 Responses to “Playdate with Maya”

  1. christianna Says:

    This made me very happy…

  2. Aunt Jenn Says:

    Very sweet! This made me happy too!

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