Happy 3rd Birthday Nora!!

Today is Nora’s 3rd birthday! How happy we are that we are three years down the road from where we started on this journey with a strong, happy and healthy Nora.

We’re having a little birthday celebration this afternoon at Nora’s favorite park so I’ll be sure to post some pictures of her party later. But for now here are some of the big birthday girl this morning dancing it up in dress up clothes from cousin Marin. Thank you cousin Marin for making Nora such special birthday decorations, having them here makes the day extra special. :)

We took Nora to Toys-R-Us over the weekend for her to pick out a few toys as an extra birthday treat. Our girl is a natural shopper. :)

She was quite in awe when we got to the aisle with all of the talking puppy pets.

Look at the smile on her Daddy’s face in the background. That’s one happy, proud Dad. :)

Happy Birthday sweet Nora, we love you so much!!

(If you looked at Nora’s site on her actual birthday yesterday, this really didn’t get posted until 4/28, even though I wrote it yesterday morning, couldn’t get it to post until now)

5 Responses to “Happy 3rd Birthday Nora!!”

  1. Erin Says:

    Thank you for sharing these three years of Nora’s life with the world. When Blaise was born, we thought she had only 10-12 cm of jejunum and we drew a huge amount of inspiration from reading about Nora. Thank you for the hope you gave us.

    And, of course,

  2. Nanny & Granddaddy Says:

    Miss Nora

    There is special girl named Nora
    She is very fond of cow fields, fauna, and flora
    She went to visit in Kentucky
    The whole family was so very lucky.

    Now today is a special day
    We wish her happiness in every way
    Celebrate!! it’s birthday number three
    We wish you could be with Granddaddy and me!

  3. Aunt Jenn Says:

    Happy 3rd Birthday, Nora!!! :)

    We are so happy you were able to visit us in Ky and we loved spending so much time with you!
    You are a very special girl to us and we love you dearly! We can’t wait to see you and cousin Marin together again soon!

    p.s. I am so impressed by Nanny & Grandaddy’s poem and echo their sentiments!

    Sending lots of birthday hugs and kisses from Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Chad and Marin

  4. Yuko, Randy, Max, and Kai Says:

    Happy Birthday, Nora! Sorry our wishes are a bit late — we were on the road on your special day. Glad you had so much fun. Here’s to many more celebrations!

  5. Carolyn Vernier Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY NORA!!! We are so proud of your continued growth! You are an inspiration to our family. Your Mommy and Daddy are amazing people! Keep up the good work!

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