A Butterfly Emerging

For Nora’s birthday we got her a butterfly hatching kit. The baby caterpillars arrived the week before her birthday and they all cocooned on Nora’s birthday, what a great day to start their transformation. :) The butterflies emerged from their cocoons a week later and we let them free.

The whole process was really neat to watch and it couldn’t help but make me think of Nora’s journey. Our little butterfly is finally emerging too. We’ve kept her close and safe for three years and now it’s time to let her grow more freely. Our trip to Kentucky was really a big milestone in getting Nora out in the world. It gave us confidence that our little girl is now strong and healthy enough to handle bigger experiences and not get set back from it.

Nora is one happy, silly butterfly.

We are beach bound for the weekend to enjoy it while we can. With the uncertainty of what will happen to our beaches from the non-stop oil leak pouring out into the gulf it’s hard not to feel like the clock is ticking. We haven’t been to the beach since last summer and this will be only Nora’s second time to St. George so we are really looking forward to the weekend. :)

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  1. Robin Says:

    Thanks for the fun playdate…..I’m glad Nora seemed to bring the best out in Zeta! Check out the cutie pie below


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