Trip to the Beach

Our trip to the beach was great. It was just the relaxing distraction we needed from the everyday hustle and bustle. I wish we could live in day dream beach land forever. I loved seeing how the work stress just melted away from Montana’s face as soon as we arrived. He works such long hard hours to support our family. I am so very thankful for his devotion and giving our family the opportunity for me to stay at home with Nora to give her the undivided care and attention she needs.

A good sword fight is always a good stress buster. :)

Nora had a great time but it seems that the idea of the beach is much more appealing to her than the actual beach. Sand between your toes, big waves and the heat can be a little much for such a little girl. She only likedĀ  being down on the water for short spurts at a time. Even though it made for more work trudging back and forth to the beach house so often it was actually just what Nora needed to do to not get overheated and stay hydrated. Short bowel causes enough hydration issues in itself and you add excessive heat to the equation and things can go bad fast.

This was Nora checking out a fellow toddler and his baby brother down the beach. She found them very intriguing and insisted we walked down for a friendly hello.

Nora the wind warrior! I think Nora’s favorite thing about the beach is that the wind is always up for good kite flying. And playing in the kite tales on the deck makes for a lot of fun too. :)

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