First trip to the dentist

We attempted to take Nora to her first dentist appointment recently for a general check up and cleaning. She was all geared up and excited to go, fine and happy in the waiting room enjoying watching the other kids run around. She was just a tad nervous when she went back…and then the hygienist put on gloves and a mask to clean her teeth and then…….things went down hill quickly, very quickly. Poor Nora had such extreme anxiety and got very upset, she clung to me with all her might as if she was trying to melt into me to hide.

The only experience Nora has had with people wearing a mask and gloves is when her port is going to be messed with which makes her very nervous. I can’t believe that neither I or Montana didn’t think about this situation before her appointment and talk to her about it. I was kicking myself in the butt big time for not making this connection ahead of time. The hygienist was very understanding and didn’t try to pressure us to stay. The dentist on the other hand wasn’t rude but let me know he thought it was important for Nora to tough it out. I politely let him know that we have had to force Nora to do many unpleasant things for medical necessity in her life and a teeth cleaning was not going to be one of them. So we ended the appointment very quickly and will try again in a few months.

By the time we left Nora was smiling and even shook the hygienist’s hand and promised to let her clean her teeth next time. Since this experience we have had many talks with Nora about all the different reasons people wear masks and gloves besides to mess with her port.

Life is one big learning experience for all of us.

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