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Flutter, flutter!

June 24th, 2010

Nora has been quite the little social butterfly lately. She’s been having more playdates recently and I think I’m enjoying seeing her play and interact with other kids just as much as she’s enjoying it. :)

The butterfly theme seems to be a running thing around here lately. After we enjoyed raising the caterpillars we got Nora for her birthday so much we decided to give it another try. We took Nora to a little local nursery to “adopt” a little caterpillar. Nora decided to dress up for the adventure in her appropriate butterfly attire. And of course Smiley the caterpillar joined along for the trip.

We took our cute little swallowtail caterpillar home, named it Spotty because of it’s yellow spotted markings. Then we watched it eat and poop a lot for a few days, it cocooned and we watched and waited for 2 weeks until one day Spotty emerged as a beautiful butterfly.

Nora couldn’t wait to teach Spotty how to fly. She grabbed her butterfly wings and said “I have to teach Spotty how to flutter!” Then she proceeded to dance around the room flapping her arms saying “flutter, flutter!”

Look at that proud little face! :)

Nora’s flying lesson resulted in Spotty getting lost in the house for a few hours. Apparently swallowtail butterflies are ready to full on fly a lot sooner after cocooning than the pink lady butterflies we had. Although I worried a bit until we found her, Spotty’s extra stay in the house before getting released turned out to be a saving grace since the bug man came to spray outside that afternoon. It’s nice when unpredictable occurrences seem to happen for a reason. :)


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