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Ready for Answers

August 25th, 2010

We thought that Nora would be having her endoscopy this week but it was rescheduled at the last minute so she will be having it done the first of next week.  Since there are no pediatric GI’s in our area we will be taking her to Birmingham where her GI’s are to have the procedure. Most of the time an endoscopy is done as out patient but since we will be so far from home they will admit her the day before to clean out her bowels for pre-op. We’re really hoping this part wont be as bad as we are anticipating. To keep her mind occupied from being hungry since she wont be able to eat, we have lots of goodies and surprises packed for the hospital stay. As long as they don’t find anything too serious we should be headed back home the following day.

Thankfully she is still doing ok and her symptoms are minimal but they are still there. She has been on a very bland diet for over a week which we’re thinking is helping  to not irritate whatever is going on. Nora’s abdominal xray didn’t show anything obviously concerning and her stool test came back negative for pathogens like samonella.

We have talked to Nora a lot lately about her special tummy and that we’ll be going to the doctor to have a special procedure done that will hopefully make her tummy feel better. She really likes the sound of the idea of her tummy aches going away. She was all ready to go on our trip to see the doctor and was a little disappointed when we told her we had to wait to go. The other day she had a tummy ache and after it went away she said “I feel better now, but I still need to go to the doctor”. I hope we didn’t hype it up too much because they may not be able to make her tummy aches go away but hopefully we will get some insight to answers that we are anxiously awaiting.

Nora is still her sweet, happy self and having lots of fun. Especially with her best buddy Maya.

Introducing Nora the monkey fairy princess! :)



August 17th, 2010

Nora has been having a rough time lately. We need to figure out what’s going on and get our sweet girl feeling better. Over the past few weeks her BM related tummy pains have been getting worse. Then last week they seemed to worsen to a whole other level and we started seeing blood in her stools. We did a random spot check of her stools, including ones that didn’t have blood seen by the naked eye, and 5 out of the 6 samples tested positive for blood. After learning this it makes us wonder if she has been having blood in her stools for sometime and we just didn’t know it.

When she’s not having a tummy ache, for the most part she’s her usual self but overall her energy level is decreased and she is obviously just not feeling well. Blood in stool can be a sign of many different things and when SBS is part of the equation the list of possibilities grows. We’re waiting on the results of her stool cultures, she had a regular abdominal x-ray this morning (to check for something obvious like dilation or an obstruction) and she will be getting and upper and lower endoscopy soon. We should get the reading from the x-ray tomorrow and we are really hoping that the endoscopy will find something that isn’t too serious and can be easily treated.

Thankfully Nora has been feeling a good bit better for the last few days with less pain and not as much visible blood in her stool. She’s still not 100% but it’s good to see her not quite as puny and in so much pain.  I’ll post more once we get some of the test results back.

And leave you with pictures of our cutie in pigtails now that her hair is finally long enough for them. :)


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